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I'm a programmer by trade. You can see some of the code I've witten on GitLab or Sourcehut; a few (but not many) of my projects are also mirrored on GitHub.

For my day job, I use Ruby on Rails. On my own time, I'm much more likely to use Erlang, Elixir, Common Lisp, C, or Rust. I have very strong opinions about all of the things I just listed :^)

I'm also into video production, writing, and my Ibanez four-string. I've done the first and second of those professionally at various points. Still working on the third.

I have a blog that I post to about once per decade. I also have a gemlog, which has more content.

If you'd like to get in contact with me, you can use Telegram or email. If you email me, please encrypt your email using my GPG public key. If you prefer Signal, send me an encrypted email and I'll reply with my Signal number.

This website is authored by me.